Finger Paint Picture Frame

I’m the kind of girl who works best under pressure and comes up with what I consider my best ideas on a deadline. Apparently Father’s Day is no exception.

I’d been going back and forth in my mind with what I wanted the kids to give my husband for his special day and it wasn’t until a few days ago as I made us wander through Michael’s for inspiration that I decided upon our final project: a finger paint picture frame!

Due to the kidlets being young and being on a limited budget, I decided framed artwork was the way to go. We started by finger painting in the backyard. It was just too much mess for me to have inside. Best of luck to you if doing this inside is your cup of tea.

Reagan was over the painting pretty quickly and was more interested in stomping around in puddles.

When the finger painting is done, make sure to let them dry an adequate amount of time. Ours dried overnight due to the massive amounts of paint Luke globbed on his, but the average artwork could probably dry in a few hours.

The frames I ended up getting are on sale for $0.66 each this week. Really not too shabby. I let the kids each pick what color they’d like their frame painted. Reagan initially chose purple, but I helped her in the green direction. I’m fairly certain the husband doesn’t want a purple picture frame sitting on his desk at work. Because I decided to paint them with acrylics, this part was done during nap time. Not washable = not for kids.

Once the artwork is dry, take the matting from the frame to use as a template to trace the size and shape of the opening.

Make sure to trace lightly! You want the artwork to stand out, not the lines you draw! Please notice you can hardly see my lines.

To decorate the frames, we used adhesive backed foam animals and letters. I let the kids choose which animals they wanted and then we put their names on also.

Reagan enjoyed the part of the project much more than the finger painting.

Our finished product:

I love the way they turned out. I’m hoping the husband likes them too!

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  1. Paula says

    I was trying to think of a way to display artwork for Matt… this is great! I just don’t know if I will have time to pull it off.

    • Katie says

      You can totally make the frame by Father’s Day! So easy and the materials are still on sale at Michael’s!


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