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A few weeks back I was participating in an online Facebook chat with Kim from The TomKat Studio and Pottery Barn Kids. Kim opened the floor for anyone to ask any party question they’d like answered; I *of course* had a question to ask her, but it got me to thinking. What if we could ask some of the premiere party bloggers what their favorite things and best party tips are?

The party I’m sharing with you today is actually a collaboration of the answers from five of the best in the business and myself. I’m so glad to be able to share the answers they sent me so that you can host your own amazing bash!

I hope your prepared for a post filled to the brim with creative inspiration and a peek into what The TomKat Studio, Pizzazzerie, Celebrations At Home, One Charming Party, A to Zebra Celebrations consider must haves for their own shindigs!

Here’s a better overhead shot of the table. Isn’t she pretty?

One of the first questions that I asked these lovely ladies was what their favorite party trend was and Courtney from Pizzazzerie’s answer helped guide the color scheme for this party.

My favorite party trend right now is STRIPES! It might be because I’ve chosen to use it as a main element in my own wedding this June, but I truly think that stripes are a classic pattern that can go with any type of event (from birthday parties to weddings). I’m a big fan of black/white stripes but really, all stripes rock my world.

I knew after reading Courtney’s response I wanted to use stripes as the basis for the design, but when I heard that Kim from The TomKat Studio thinks that diagonal stripes are the next big thing, I was sold. I added in all shades of pink, lots of white, and black floral to balance the color palette.

There were a few key ideas that each of the party planners suggested that were important in the planning process:

I really like banners and garlands lately. We’ve been using them a lot in our parties. ~Brittany, One Charming Party

Use white or clear glass dishes that you may already own as serving pieces for your party. They will go with any color scheme and avoid a hunt for matching dishes. I also love using wrapping paper as a table runner or even cutting it in 12×12 squares (or scrapbook paper) as simple placemats (especially for kids’ parties).  ~Courtney, Pizzazzerie

Do as many elements of the party yourself that you can (DIY). Purchase printables and make your own invitations, cupcake toppers, favor tags and banners. Bake your own desserts. I use boxed cake mix and canned frosting all of the time. ~Kim, The TomKat Studio

For the decor, I kept it relatively simple because keeping your parties DIY was something that nearly every blogger noted as a way to keep your party more budget-friendly. I designed a set of printables and other than having them printed at a local copy shop, I did eveything else you’ll see all by myself. The table runner is actually wrapping paper I found in the Dollar Spot at Target nearly a year ago and the placemats are sheets of plain 12×12 pink scrapbook paper. All of the dishes are simple white dishes and I created simple tissue poms on my own to hang from the lighting above and tie to the back of the chairs.

You’ll notice that there are only six places set at the table.

I like to save money by keeping the guest list small. For kids or adults, I always think a smaller party turns out better. ~Brittany, One Charming Party

Invite a small amount of children. ~Nancy, A to Zebra Celebrations

I’m sold. I’ve also noticed that with larger parties, it’s difficult to give each of your guests adequate attention. A smaller guest list affords you more time to interact with each person. I set each seat with a small place card so each of my special someone’s knew where they were to sit.

Another fun personal touch was adding a brief message on each place mat.

Personal and thoughtful details can make each of your guests feel special at your party.

My favorite party trend right now is using mason jars. There are so many ways to use them during a party. They are perfect for drinks when paired with cute paper straws or for displaying desserts like cupcakes in a jar or layered pudding. ~Kim, The TomKat Studio

It doesn’t have to be much, but I always have to send guests home with a little something. For me, I always pick cute favor packaging first and then through a simple cookie, mints, etc in. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. ~Courtney, Pizzazzerie

Putting a small favor together was a quick task that added a big punch to the decor and detail. I adorned mason jars with the diagonal stripe paper, ruffled flowers, and a little extra bling.

Let’s get to the food!

The food and dessert part of any soiree is always my favorite. What can I say? I love to eat all things yummy. But what do the party girls say?

One element I always have is dessert! I love sweets so I typically have an array of desserts at every party I host. ~Kim, The TomKat Studio

I love anything bite-sized, but especially bar cookies. ~Chris, Celebrations At Home

I hope pretty cakes never go out of style. ~Brittany, One Charming Party

I used a standard chocolate cake mix and vanilla frosting to make my cake. Picking a few bright pink roses from my front yard made the cake extra special and made it smell amazing! You don’t always have to have a stunning, professionally made cake to have that big-impact moment on your dessert table.

After I read that Nancy from A to Zebra Celebration’s favorite dessert is cheesecake, I knew that I would make a mini cheesecake with my own personal twist. I’ll be sharing the recipe for these Mint Oreo Mini Cheesecakes later this week.

I also knew that I needed to create a delicious cookie bar to delight Chris from Celebrations At Home. The recipe for these Cranberry Applesauce Bars are coming later this week as well! Packaging can also be helpful when it comes to your food and dessert items, as well as favors. By simply placing these cookie bars in a wrapper and tied with a coordinating bow, I was able to kick the presentation up a big notch.

I want to extend a huge thanks to the lovely ladies who helped me with this. To Kim, Chris, Courtney, Nancy, and Brittany, I am so grateful you took the moment to answer my questions; you have filled me with inspirations and guides for my future parties.

To everyone else, I hope you enjoyed this party! I have an entire week planned with tutorials and recipes so you can re-create it on your own. Keep an eye out for it!

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    Great ideas and scoop! Love the decor here and a great line up of talent to that shared their advice! The Hello,, friend on the placemat- my favorite little detail! I have been working on a series (the way I work it will be done in a year!) about parties – kids parties, small parties, BIG events – more behind the scenes stuff.


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