Shuga, My Love, My Mixer

Awhile ago, I shared the best Christmas gift that I received: a brand spankin’ new KitchenAid Mixer. At the time, I asked for suggestions as to what I should name my new beauty and when Joanna from Baked By Joanna suggested Shuga {said in your best Southern belle drawl}, I was hooked.

Well Shuga has been a much-welcomed addition to our happy little family and she has sat in her position of power pretty naked. Until now.


The idea of adorning a stand mixer with pretty vinyl is nothing new; some of my fave bloggers have already done something similar. You can check out House of Smith’s or Lil’ Luna’s take on this fun trend, but it was my dear friend Kristy from The Diary of Dave’s Wife that really pushed me to dress up sweet Shuga. Her polka dot mixer is just so stinkin’ cute!

Isn’t she just so dang cute? I have a bug to do something eerily similar to every other craft item in my home and name them all kinds of baking ingredients. Crazy?

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    Great work! I love what you’ve done with your mixer – and I LOVE the name you chose! I think it turned out great. You’ve inspired me!


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