Luke’s Rocket Party!

Well folks, here it is. Finally. I’m very happy to present to you Luke’s Rocket Party!

Let me start this post with a few pieces of information that I feel like you might need to know. Arizona gets *maybe* 8 inches of rain during the entire year and April showers are not something you will typically find ’round these parts. No joke.

This is the first time I’ve ever purposely planned an event to be solely outside. When I figured out that 14 children between the ages of 2 and 5 were going to be in my home, that seemed like the most logical idea. Go figure that the forecast for the day of his party was super windy, rainy, and 50-ish degrees. Two days before the party I had to re-work just about every planned aspect of Luke’s party, so I hope you enjoy!

You’ve all already seen this, but I just wanted to remind you of this Blast Off Birthday Wreath is what greeted all of his guests.

I ended up setting up his party in our formal living and dining room space and each child had their own special seat of honor. I used coordinating fabric as the table runners and 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbook paper I had on hand as placemats. Easy-peasy and inexpensive!

After searching high and low for Rocket Party printables since that was Luke’s requested theme and not finding what I wanted, I ended up designing my own and maybe you should keep an eye out later this week for more about those. 😉 I loved that each kidlet was able to find their own place at the table and the place cards served another purpose later on in the party too!

Each child was given their own inexpensive plastic cup that I adorned with party circles that would typically be used for cupcake toppers and I put together party hats for each of the kidlets, which were quite the hit of the party.

The party was scheduled for 10am so that we could “Blast Off” the day the right way. Breakfast foods were a natural choice for the finger foods.

What party is complete without a fun banner? I love that this banner incorporates the theme not only in appearance, but in phrasing too. The striped ribbon really helped to give the banner that extra special touch.

You’ve already seen these Star Mobile pieces, but I just had to show them one more time. They made a perfect floating centerpiece when paired with the red paper lanterns that resembled planets!

I am in *love* with how the centerpieces of the table turned out and I have my dear friend Traci of Treats by Traci to thank for it! I cut a styrofoam ball in half and spray painted it to have that planet-feel and can you believe those little Earths and the rocket are cake pops?!?

For an extra pop of fun and color, I added a copy of his invitation to the table in a clearance frame that I spray painted to match the decor.

After meeting the inspiring Courtney of Pizzazzerie at her book signing, I knew that I wanted to incorporate push-up pops and making them look like rockets was a match made in a party-planners heaven. And what’s the perfect solution on how to display these super-cute push-up pops? Spray painted floral foam, of course! To make it better match the theme, I adorned the foam with striped ribbon and a die-cut rocket.

 Since I like to be inexpensive {not cheap} and because I love a good sewing project, I whipped up this super fabulous rocket shirt for Luke to wear to his party and he still loves to wear it two weeks later!

Once the party got started, the kids were super excited to dig in to the yummy food and wear their party hats.

The push-up pops and cake pops were a big hit too!

I’m going to be honest here: this was my first go at a kids-only party so I was hoping and praying the night before that I had organized everything well enough and that the party guests would like what I had planned out, especially since I had had to deviate from the original plan due to less-than-ideal weather.

The rocket photo booth ended up being a hit and each kid was able to have their picture taken inside and those pictures will be sent with their thank you notes as a reminder of the fun they had. I created the photo booth from an old television box and acrylic paints, using the invitation as inspiration for the design.

In my panic two days before the party due to the weather forecast, I was able to find a bucket of space foam stickers and plain foam bookmarks at Joann’s and the idea for a craft was created. The kids were able to create their own space-inspired foam bookmark and when they were finished, the bookmark and their cup went into a white lunch sack and their place cards were stapled to the top so each child knew whose bag was whose. The kidlets that finished early even got to decorate their bags with space stickers.

We I even put together a quick game for the kids to play. I designed a Pin-the-tail-on-the-Donkey-esque Rocket game and had the guests try to stick their name on the windows of the rocket. I had originally had the parents send me each kiddos picture so I could print them out and have each kiddo use their own picture for the game, but I got in a fight with Costco Photo online and settled on using die-cut circles instead. The kids never even knew the difference.

Our happy little family when the party was finished. I loved getting a chance to make my little guy’s day so special, even I did likely lose half of my hair in the weather debacle. :)

So when’s the next party? 😉

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  1. monica b says

    LOVE! My 3 year old loves space as well, so I may be looking back to this post in a few months…: ) Also, so excited to see you used my idea for the banner phrasing! Everything looked perfect, great job!

  2. says

    What a cute party. You did a great job for having to have it inside. I love how you set up the cake pops. OMG, adorable. And the rocket push pops are really fun as well. Perfect for your theme as well. Love the idea of having their pictures in the thank you cards. :)


  3. Kristyn says

    WOW! Such a great job! Looks like he had so much fun as would any little kid. Way to go, girly!! XO

  4. says

    What an eye you have for design. I love all the details. I’m so glad I have a boy and get to do all the boy themed stuff. You’ve proven that you can still make it adorable.

    • Katie says

      Thank you for the kind words Jodi! It is a tricky road to try to find something cute for boys that doesn’t fall within the same few themes. I’m so glad that you get to experience the joys of boys too! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Erin says

    What a fabulous party! Where did you find the invitations? I’d like some like that for my little guy’s upcoming bday.

    • says

      I actually designed the invites myself. If you go to the Free Printables section of the blog, you’ll be able to get all of the printables I used for his party for free. Hope this helps! :)


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