Life and Quiet.

No new craft or recipe today; I’m going to get a little more personal and share what’s on my heart right now.


This weekend was filled with life and the celebration of it and my heart couldn’t be more filled with love.

I was lucky enough to get to cheer for my son as he ran as fast as his long little legs would carry him across a miniature soccer field. It’s a funny thing how soccer works for four-year-olds works. They travel in clumps fighting their own team mates for a chance to kick the ball and when one lucky little guy breaks free, he sprints to the other end of the field, not making any attempt to aim for the goal. His true joy comes in the run, the journey, the desire to have his chance in the solo spotlight. He may miss the goal by a mile, he may make it in the goal. Either way a four year old looks at it, he made it. Sure, Luke and the rest of his team mates may not make the best soccer players at this point, but there is pure joy painted on their beet-red faces. Life is joy.

I was lucky enough to get to celebrate the first birthday of a very sweet {and loud!} little girl. There’s just something that about a party that I’m immediately drawn to, but when you add in close friends, a gaggle of kids, and birthday cake, it makes for a magical occasion. As much time as I dedicate to little details and elaborate decorations at the parties that I host, the party this weekend reminded why I really enjoy parties: the relationships I have with the people there. I love that I get to watch these children grow from newborns to toddlers and now some of them to school-age children. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you and making time move both slowly and at the speed of light all within the same moment.

I was lucky enough to spend quality time with my family this weekend. A solo shopping trip and dessert outing with my mom was perfect and getting a chance to be with my family and my dad, brother, and brother-in-law as they turned another year older was a blessing. I realized that I don’t make enough effort to connect and share with my family; I take our relationship and our time on this earth for granted. I learned this weekend to cherish moments that may be fleeting. My brother and dad, albeit they are doing fantastic right now, don’t have the best health record. Life has a way of making you realize how much you love the ones around you and how much you’ll miss them one day.

I was lucky enough to get to experience some special moments with my very best friend before she becomes a momma some time in the next week. It brought me back to the days before I became a mother for the first time and made me remember the uncertainty and unknown of what was to come. Would I be a good mom? Would I know what to do? Would I be able to deliver this child that had grown to what seemed like epic proportions? I’m glad that I was able to talk through some of these same fears with her. She’s carrying a life that I can’t wait to meet.


What makes you feel lucky today?


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    Lovely post! I know we all take life for granted sometimes-meaning to or not, it’s good to take the time to visit with family and friends. Our lives become so busy that we don’t realize how precious that time is. Thanks for reminding us!

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