Love Story Pallet Art on Etsy!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect for the Love Story Pallet Art I created last year as a wedding/Christmas gift for my BFF did I expect for it to receive as much traffic, questions, or love as it did. I would have taken better pictures had I known what was coming!

Since that fateful post went live in January, I’ve had numerous requests if I make these boards to sell, and I’ve always answered no. Today that all changes! I’m so happy to announce that Sweet Rose Studio on Etsy has opened its doors for business!

Love Story Pallet Art

Eventually, I’d love to offer many more options for these pallet pieces, but I’m focusing primarily on the ever-loved Love Story boards right now.

There’s this blue beauty waiting to be chosen by someone:

Sweet Rose Studio

It’s a pale robin’s-egg blue with black vinyl lettering. So sweet.

Sweet Rose Studio

I also have a custom option for the Love Story boards in the shop too. This is the original board that started the craze. It’s shown with a pale grey base and white vinyl lettering. I can re-create it in just about any color base with either white or black vinyl for the wording.

Sweet Rose Studio

I do have a couple of other options for boards that are ready-made that I’ve been playing around with. These You +Me Boards are available in either script or block writing.

Sweet Rose Studio

Sweet Rose Studio

I am absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this new endeavor with Sweet Rose Studio. I hope you like it too!

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