Turkey Silhouette Banner

It seems to me that Hal­loween and Christ­mas get the bulk of fun decor ideas and Thanks­giv­ing typ­i­cally gets pretty left out of the loop. I know that we don’t even get to Halloween until tomorrow, but Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me! I wanted to make some­thing that was quick, easy, inex­pen­sive to decorate the holiday, but still man­aged to make an impact when dis­played. Ban­ners and bunting are all the rage right now, so I decided to take my own twist on the phe­nom­e­non. I present to you my Turkey Silhouette Banner!

Cute, right? And I promise it’s every­thing I’d hoped it would be!


turkey and let­ter die-cuts * col­ored twine * hot glue gun & glue

small hole punch * scissors

Side note: I used my Sil­hou­ette to cut out the let­ters and turkeys, but you could use pre-cut ones you can find at any craft or scrap­book store.

1. Using the hole punch, punch a small hole at the top of each let­ter and turkey. Make sure to allow enough space at the top so it isn’t too thin, mak­ing it more sus­cep­ti­ble to break­ing. Mine holes are about 1/2 in. down.

2. Using the twine, care­fully string it through each turkey and let­ter in what­ever order you’d like. I had a hard time decid­ing if I wanted each word a sin­gle color or if I should mix up the col­ors. The per­fec­tion­ist in me had to have all of the col­ors match­ing in the long run, but I think the other way would be fun too! When they’re all strung on and spaced out as you’d like, put a small, like super small, dab of hot glue under the twine to hold each let­ter in it’s place.

3. When all of the let­ters and turkeys are glued and spaced the way you’d like, *then* cut the end of the twine. If you cut it before this step, you might end up with too lit­tle or end up wast­ing extra twine on the end.

Voila! A per­fectly fun and fes­tive Thanks­giv­ing ban­ner with a lit­tle fall table decor to match.

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