Holiday Handmade: Vintage Chenille Beverage Coasters from Pink Cake Plate

Hey Sweet Rose Readers I am Laura and I blog over at Pink Cake Plate!! I share fun recipes, simple crafts and other “cool stuff”!! I am so excited to be here and share an easy sewing project you can make to give or keep:Vintage Chenille Beverage Coasters. If you can sew a straight line, you can sew these!!


Sewing Machine

1/4 yard Chenille fabric

1/4 yard coordinating fabric


Sissors/rotary cutter

Cut 4 5″x5″ square out of you chenille and coordinating fabric.

Place 1 square of chenille and one square of coordinating fabric with right sides together.

Sew first side of coaster with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, I like to put a piece of tape on my machine to mark the seam allowance. This way I don’t have to think about where to put the fabric while sewing. (I used my cute Washi tape for my seam allowance guide!!)

Sew down the first side to 1/2 inch from the end,you should be at the corner of the coaster. Move the needle so it is down in the fabric and lift the presser foot and rotate the fabric 45 degrees. Sew to the next corner and repeat until you have sewn 3 corners.

You will now be sewing the last seam. Sew this seam to two inches from the end. Remove from the machine.

Trim the corners of the coaster and then turn it inside out. You can use your scissors to get the points of the corners to be crisp.



Press the coaster with your iron. Now where the seam is still open you will want to turn it inside and and press it with the iron, because you will be sewing the topstiching at 1/4″ this will sew the open edge closed. Once your finished you will want to press it again.

Now it is time to topstitch the coaster. I use the edge of the presser foot as my seam guide to stitch 1/4 inch topstich all the way around the coaster. I stitched on the fabric side of the coaster not the chenille side! Sew your topstiching all the way around the coaster using the same technique to sew around the corners.

You’re done!! Now make three more for a cute set of coasters. I am keeping mine!!


Thank you so much Katie for having me here today!!

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Thank you SO much Laura for being here today! Laura is a seriously sweet girl and when she calls herself the “Cake Plate Girl,” she’s not lying. Laura has an amazing selection

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