Simply Sweet No-Sew Hair Bows

Today it’s my turn to share a sweet gift idea as part of the Holiday Handmade series and I can tell you, these are the easiest Simply Sweet No-Sew Hair Bows! Using some of my favorite Lifestyle Crafts products, I was able to complete these little cuties in less than 10 minutes for the pair.

Are you ready to learn how to deck out your sweetie in these adorable clips? Keep reading for the full tutorial!


Epic 6 * Knotty Gift Set

fabric & medium weight fusible interfacing cut to 5″ x 10″

hot glue * iron * hair clip

1. Begin my using the iron to fuse the fabric and interfacing together. Allow the fabric to cool before proceeding to the next step.

2. Run the fabric through the Epic 6. To see detailed instructions on how to do this, you can go HERE or HERE.

3. My fabric wasn’t cut all the way through, so I used scissors to trim around the edges. I love that I had a nice, clean shape outline to work with; die cuts are awesome for this!

4. Flip the piece that will be the top of the bow so the interfacing is up. Place a small bead of hot glue in the center.

5. Fold in one half of the bow and press firmly.

6. Apply another bead of hot glue.

7. Fold in the other half of the bow and press down.

8. Apply more glue on the back of the bow.

9. Press the bow on to the tails portion.

10. Wrap the center piece around the joined bow and glue it in place.

Helpful Hint: Before gluing your bow to the clip, place your clip onto a scrap of fabric. This way the glue won’t seal your clip together; you can easily un-clip the bow from the scrap.

Your bows are ready for wearing or giving! Reagan loved getting to model and cheese it up for me for these pictures. Love this girl. :)

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    I definitely don’t blame you for posting sweet pics of your daughter she is adorable and I love the bows!!!!!! Also loved your post on fashion. It’s good to know I am not the only mom who has given up on looking stylish, way too much work, so sad but true, when the doorbell rings at my house I am literally afraid to answer it because I am usually still in my pj’s. I am always praying it is just the mail man.


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