All My Heart Valentine Gift Box

After just finishing up Christmas, a fabulous trip to Disneyland, and with Reagan’s birthday party prep in full swing, funds for extra Valentine’s Day gifts are tight and I’m positive that more than one of you out there feel me with that. I put together a sweet, cost-effective gift that is sure to impress perfect for that special someone in your life. I present to you the All My Heart Valentine Gift Box!

2 sheets of tissue paper * clear plastic gift box * red sequins * heart ribbon

All My Heart printable (click on picture below to download)

scissors * glue * red & white baker’s twine

1. Start by free-hand cutting a large heart with one full sheet of the tissue paper. It’ll be big and that’s what you want!

2. Use the glue stick to adhere the printable to the middle of the heart.

3. Time for sequins! I would recommend using a liquid glue to put sequins around the outer edge of the heart. {Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?!?}

4. Let the heart dry while you move on to the box.

5. Measure the outside of your gift box with the heart ribbon and cut according to the size of your box.

6. Put dabs of liquid glue on the center few hearts that will be on the top lid and press into place. I’d put something heavy on top to make sure it has adequate pressure. Let it dry for as long as it takes!

7. When the top hearts are dried fully, place the other sheet of tissue paper into the box and add a few more sequins.

8. Start folding up your tissue paper heart so that it will fit in the box.

9. After the heart is in the box, use more glue {or you could use double stick tape} to seal the heart ribbon in the back. For a little extra fun, I wrapped the baker’s twine around the heart ribbon to give it a little extra dimension.

I love how this project turned out: it’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and the thought behind it is touching.

What do you have planned to make for your special Valentine?

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