New Year, New Fonts!

I do some of my best thinking and creative brainstorming in the middle of the night. A few nights ago during one such epiphany, I decided that I needed to put together another round up of fonts. New year, new fonts!

These are 16 of the greatest fonts that I found recently and fell in love with. I hope you like them as much as I do!

New Year New Fonts

1. Top Modern (title)  2. Sketch Serif  3. Quinn

4. Halidan’s Block Serif 5. Janda Elegant Handwriting

6. Just Skinny 7. Janda Flower Doodles (flower) 8. Overhaul

9. Quickier Demo 10. Multima Strong 11. Disco 12. Angelic Serif

13. Agoestoesan 14. KG Be Still & Know 15. Mister Sinatra

16. FHA Condensed French

Happy downloading y’all!

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  1. Patty says

    Thank you for the fonts…. I am new to this and not sure how to utilize these wonderful new font’s.

    1) When you download do you have to save in a certain spot on your computer?
    2) After that will you see the font in your windows drop down???

    Thank you,

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