No-Sew Valentine Wreath

I apparently have an obsession with this white wreath. It’s been the centerpiece of Luke’s Rocket Party and a fun summer wreath and I just keep using it. Today I’m sharing with you a way to use the white wreath again to create a no-sew valentine wreath. Who doesn’t love to recycle?!?

No-Sew Valentine Wreath

Let’s get crafting!


  • covered wreath
  • ribbon
  • straight pins
  • foam heart
  • fishing line or something to hang it with

No-Sew Valentine Wreath Collage 1

 1. If you don’t already have a covered wreath, you can find the full tutorial HERE to learn how to make your own. It’s super easy!

2. Using a large wired ribbon, begin bunching it up to create fullness.

3. When you’ve created a large, full loop that you like, press it against the wreath and pin it into place with the straight pins. I repeated the process to create three separate loops.

No-Sew Valentine Wreath Collage 2

4. To create the smaller bow, loop a smaller wired ribbon around your fingers four times.

5. Tie the center off with another piece of ribbon. {Can you tell I have a thing about ribbon? Ha!}

6. Spread the loops out to create a nice full bow. Pin it into place.

7. When you have the bows pinned, add the foam heart on top and pin it in.

No-Sew Valentine Wreath 1

Your wreath is ready to hang and ready to be the center of your Valentine decor! Enjoy!

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