Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout

When I was first married over nine years ago now, I was really into scrapbooking. I used to go to scrapbook nights where I’d meet up with friends and I have my wedding and honeymoon preserved and pretty.

Then life happened, but nothing happened that was exciting enough to scrapbook. We didn’t take any huge trips. We didn’t have any huge milestone birthdays. We didn’t attend any fancy events. We were in quite a few weddings, but for some reason, it felt not-quite-right to scrapbook anyone else’s big day.

When our kidlets came and this little blog happened, all of my scrapbooking ideals fell to the wayside. Today that all changes!

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout

When I was putting my craft space together, I stumbled across this picture of my sweet girl and knew that I wanted to create a beautiful baby scrapbook layout.

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout 014

 One of my favorite parts of the entire project is the Lifestyle Crafts Shape N Tape Sheets. It’s the same material as washi tape (and we all know how much I love me some washi tape), but it’s in sheet form instead of being in a roll. Genius, right?!?

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout 015

I also used the Tape It Kit Dies to create the shapes I used on the layout. It took all of the guesswork out of trying to freehand cut shapes.

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout 007

Can I just say that scrapbooking has sure changed since I last did it eight-ish years ago? I love the layered look that’s “in” right now and went with it.

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout 003

Adding small details like the pin dots and lace hearts adds a little more girly personality to a page dedicated to a very girly girl.

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout 004

 First layout complete; a whole lot more to go!

Beautiful Baby Scrapbook Layout 011

If you’d like to purchase your own Shape N Tape Sheets or any other Lifestyle Crafts product, you can always use the code SWEET at checkout for a 20% discount!

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