Brave-Inspired Arrow Pouch

Whew! Round One of Blog Wars is complete and I’m thrilled to say that I was lucky enough to make it to Round Two. Thank you to all of those who voted…especially the ones who voted for me! Now that I can let the cat out of the bag on what my particular project was, I thought I’d give you a full tutorial on how to re-create your own Brave-Inspired Arrow Pouch!

Brave Arrow Pouch 2

Reagan is currently *obsessed* with all things Brave and Merida related. She’s started quoting her favorite parts from the movie and has even recently acquired her very own Merida Bow and (suction cup) Arrow set. She’s over the moon about it! The only downfall we’ve faced is that while she’s mimicking Merida riding her horse at the beginning of the movie, she can’t hold her horse, her bow, and her arrows all at the same time and it’s become quite the issue. Like, we’re talking meltdowns here.

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while, so the competition was the perfect push to get started on it. :)


  • Base: muslin (cut to 10.5″ x 6.25″)
  • Ruffles: patterned fabric in two colors (One cut to 2″ x 11″ and one cut to 4″ x 11″)
  • Straps: two strips of fabric cut to 1.5″ x 13″
  • iron-on vinyl
  • thread
  • sticky hook and loop tape

Brave Arrow Pouch Directions 1

 1. Start by ironing all of the pieces. It’ll make things so much easier in the long run. Trust me on this one. For the base piece, iron a crease width-wise 1″ from the top. For the patterned pieces and the strap pieces, iron them in half length-wise.

2. Ruffle the patterned pieces while stitching the open sides together. If you don’t have a ruffler foot for your sewing machine (I don’t), you can easily ruffle your fabric by setting your machine the same way you see in the picture above.

3. When both ruffles are done, layer them on top of each other.

Brave Arrow Pouch Directions 2

4. Fold the base piece over the layered ruffles and pin it into place.

5. Run a stitch along the pinned area and another stitch along the top.

6. With the wrong sides facing out, run a stitch along the side and across the bottom to create the pouch. Make sure to stitch the ruffle in as well.

7. Stitch the straps closed and along down the other side.

8. Press a sticky hook and loop square to the top of each of the strap and sew it into place.

9. Sew the straps into place on the sides of the pouch. I stitched it three times to make sure Reagan’s super strong grip didn’t rip it out.

Brave Arrow Pouch

10. Cut triangles from the iron-on vinyl and follow the directions to apply it. Basically, iron it on. :)

Brave Arrow Pouch 031 crop

We are both in love and my sweet little Merida is one happy camper.

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