DIY Charm Bracelet with Martha Stewart Jewelry

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I’m a crafty girl by nature that loves to create. Sewing, baking, paper crafting…you name it, I’ve given it a try and I’ve fallen in love. It’s tough for me to find a style of creativity that I find daunting and scary, but I have found one that I’ve avoided for a long time: making jewelry. I’m not so sure why, but there was something about jump rings and rhinestones that had me running for the hills. Today, I’m proud to say I’ve conquered my fear with the help of Martha Stewart Jewelry *and* I’m sharing the first piece of jewelry that I’ve ever created: a DIY Charm Bracelet!

DIY Charm Bracelet with Martha Stewart

I recently received a box chock full of the brand spankin’ new Martha Stewart Jewelry and I am thrilled to say that I am no longer scared of jewelry making!


  • Martha Stewart (MS) chain, hearts 24 in.
  • MS connectors, bows & butterflies
  • MS toggle clasps
  • MS czech beads, 8mm round faceted purple
  • MS Jewelry Enamel Activator
  • MS Jewelry Enamel, Meringue
  • MS Jewelry Glaze, Sea Green
  • MS round bending pliers
  • MS flat nose pliers
  • MS rount tip pliers
  • MS glazing brushes
  • MS silicone tip brush
  • MS silicone work mat
  • jump rings
  • toothpick

Now, before I go any further, I want to address the amount of materials. I know that it seems like a ton of stuff to have to get and it is initially, but honestly — 2/3 of that list is tools and once you get them once, you don’t have to get them again!

DIY Charm Bracelet with Martha Stewart


We’re going to start by enameling and glazing the charms. It sounds scary, but it was actually one of the easiest parts of the whole process!

1. For the enamel, begin by putting two parts of the activator to one part of the enamel on the silicone mat.

2. Use the toothpick to mix the two parts of the enamel together.

3. Keep using the same toothpick to apply the enamel to the charms. Set them aside and let them dry for 48-72 hours.

4. For the glaze, I applied a small dot of the glaze to each butterfly. Use the glazing brush to stipple the paint across the entire butterfly. Let it dry at least one hour before adding another coat. Allow it to completely dry before adding it to any piece of jewelry.

DIY Charm Bracelet with Martha Stewart

5. Get your chain to the desired length by measuring out how much you’ll need and then opening the link. Put the excess amount away for future projects.

6. Its time to starting putting the pieces together to make your charm bracelet! Hold a jump ring with the flat nose pliers and carefully open the ring with the round tip pliers.

7. Slip either your charm or toggle on to the ring, slip the chain on, and close the jump ring with the round tip pliers.

8. Keep doing this until all of your pieces are attached.

Martha Stewart has taken the stress out of the process and simplified it in a way that makes even this newbie feel like I can create any piece of jewelry and I can honestly tell you that I’ve already got plans for what I’ll be making next! This little beauty has lifted my confidence and I’m so excited to finally have taken away the stigma of jewelry making.

DIY Charm Bracelet with Martha Stewart

If you’d like to make some pieces with the Martha Stewart Jewelry line, head to Michael’s because it is exclusive to their store. Also, you can keep up with Plaid Crafts, the manufacturers of the Martha Stewart Jewelry line on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Go follow them!

Want more Martha Stewart Jewelry inspiration? Here you go!

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    This is my favorite Martha Stewart collection creation yet! I’ve seen a lot of them and they’re not really my style, but this is adorable! I think this would be cute as a matching mother/daughter set too. Hmmm…now I’m inspired!

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