Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies

As much fun as I think Halloween is, I in no way shape or form celebrate with the spookier parts of the holiday. You won’t see any blood or guts or creeptastic scarecrows hidden around my home. No way! We tend to skew to the cutesier parts of Halloween and today’s treats are no exception to the rule. My kids are already obsessed with these Spooky (or as spooky as I get) Oreo Halloween Cookies and I know you will be too!

Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies


  • Oreos
  • Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
  • Candy Eyes
  • a few lollipop sticks
  • plastic zipper sandwich bag
  • wax paper


1. Place a heaping handful of candy melts in the plastic bag and melt them according to the directions on the package.

2. While the candy melts are melting away, lay out a sheet of waxed paper and place Oreos on the paper about six inches apart from each other.

3. When the candy melts are ready, snip a very tiny corner off of the plastic bag.

4. Swirl the chocolate on top of the Oreo until you have a big pile that looks like this:

Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies 1

5. Use the lollipop stick to gently smooth out the top of the chocolate and push the excess over the edges. This will help cover the outside edges of the cookie.

6. Gently place two eyes into the candy melt coated cookie.

7. Now comes the fun part: making your creatures! We’re going to start with the bat. While the cookie is still wet and on the waxed paper, carefully use the candy melts to outline bat wings that are touching the cookie and fill them in. Use the lollipop stick to smooth the wings out. Let it sit until everything is completely dry.

Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies 2

8. The spider is super simple. Simply use the candy melts in the plastic bag to add eight legs to the cookie base. Use the lollipop stick to make sure the chocolate is connected to the cookie, if need be.

Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies 4

9. This last guy, a “monster” if you will, was actually a happy accident that turned out being my kids’ fave since its so different. I swirled the candy melts around the outside edge of the cookie a few times and that’s it.

Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies 3

Make sure you let all of these guys cool and dry completely before you serve them.

Aren’t they just the cutest though? I could totally see these being served at a Halloween Monster Mash or kids’ school party. What do you think?

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