One Time, When I Was Pregnant…

I was chatting with a few of my blogging friends a week or so back. One of them is pregnant with her first baby and when she told us about a meltdown she had and how she was livid at her husband, the rest of us who are seasoned parents just laughed. See, pregnancy is painted as this rosy, glowing experience that is all rainbows and sunshine with the exception of the first twelve weeks when you might throw up first thing in the morning every now and then.

This is absolutely not the case.

There are secret truths about pregnancy that are rarely spoken about; they’re hidden aspects about growing a child that few will share for fear of no one ever wanting to procreate ever again. I’m totally game with spilling the beans and with that, I’m starting a series here on the blog titled, “One Time, When I Was Pregnant….” Mostly, I just want to share some of the most hilarious, hormone-induced meltdowns that myself and others have lived through as a result of carrying a child.

One Time When I Was Pregnant

I’d say just about every single person I know has had at least one moment while pregnant when something tiny or unimportant set them off in ways they’d never imagined possible. In the moment the hormones are so fierce that you can’t see past the red, but once your sweet child has been birthed, you can look back and acknowledge the crazy you experienced.

My moment like this happened when I was a few months pregnant with Luke, my first kidlet. I had a serious obsession with Egg McMuffins at the time and knew down to the exact change how much my treasured sandwich would cost. The Husband made the mistake of trying to get me a Sausage McMuffin one time because it was cheaper. He never made the same mistake again. Don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s cravings.

The Husband had made eye appointments for us  when I was a few months pregnant that was about 20 to 30 minutes from our home. We drove all the way out there during my typical snack and nap time and as soon as we went to check in, I was informed that I did not in fact have an appointment. By the time he was finished, I was already near tears because I was so hungry, tired, and nauseous. Within minutes of getting back in our truck to go home, I lost it.

I began sobbing uncontrollably and the only thing I wanted to make it better in the moment was an Egg McMuffin. At 4:45 in the afternoon. Obviously it was impossible to get my hands on my beloved fast food item; I’ve never seen my poor husband look more panicked. I’m pretty sure that he considered actually trying to convince our local McDonald’s to make an exception to their policy.

But it gets better.

After around 10 minutes of the sobbing, I decided the only thing that would make me feel better was talking to my mom who I couldn’t get on the phone. I went from standard bawling to all out panic in no time flat repeating, “I want my mom!” the remainder of the way home. Here I am, growing a life, preparing to become a momma myself and all I wanted to console me was my own mother. After a quick snack, a nap, and the promise of an Egg McMuffin first thing the next morning, I was able to get things back under control.


Having babies is a miracle and a blessing without question, but anything worth value does not come without some “special” circumstances. If you have a fun story about something that happened while you were pregnant and would like possibly be a part of the series, shoot me an email at katie {at} sweetrosestudio {dot} com!

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  1. sharon moore says

    Absolutely wonderful description of pregnancy and our abrupt changes in mental status. I remember so many times losing it but was usually at work since they weren’t effective when at home for only had dogs to yell at.. Thank you for writing such an imformative and delightful piece.

  2. says

    Ha awww! It’s the little things that are actually a huge deal when pregnant and I think the only people who can understand that are moms 😉

    When I was pregnant there was this one time I was craving a burrito supreme from Taco Bell. Like it had been on my mind for HOURS! I decided to go to Taco Bell with my little brother to pick up food for the whole house, which was about 10 minutes away. After picking up the food through the drive through and getting it home, I found out that everything was in there except the burrito supreme. I lost it and cried for nearly an hour. I called my husband and he was like “uhhh go get another one”. Ha it was the principal! Even though my daughter is 13 I still remember that awful experience 😉

  3. Susan Thompson says

    lol…your story made me chuckle…I remember many things but actually held it together pretty well until close to the end…my brother had this annoying habit whenever he saw me he would ask “how is the mother of my nephew” or ask just about the baby…one day in my nineth month after he had rubbed my belly and asked about the baby again…I blew up and yelled at him, while sobbing, “what about me! Why dont you just ask how I am doing?” I ran from the room hysterical. My brother was literally drop jawed. My mother told me later on that at that moment my brother looked at her perplexed and asked what he did. My mother replied “dont worry about it she is just hormonal.” He walked on eggshells for a while but the rest of that month he asked me daily how I was doing then would ask about the baby…lol…we laugh about it to this day.

  4. Shelley says

    Ha ha these stories are awesome! One time while I was pregnant I was talking with my boyfriend about how important the holidays are, to myself and my family. While describing how my parents used to go all out with the decorating for Halloween, I broke down into a full blown sob fest about a particular decoration that I really liked. He was so confused about what he should do during the 10 to 15 mins it took me to pull myself together lol

  5. megan says

    I was black friday shopping with my fiance. All I wanted was French fries from McDonalds. Of course it was past midnight and they were serving breakfast. I cried for 20 minutes. I mean bawled my eyes out. Nothing would help. After 2 cookies and promises of French fries the next day I was happy.

  6. Cindy Chavez-Campos says

    I love reading these! Makes me feel like I’m not going crazy. I am pregnant with my first child and the other night I was rubbing some belly butter on my bump before going to bed. I noticed that the linea nigra had started to make an appearance. I started crying like a little baby. My husband was in the room and had no idea what to do, he looked like a deer in headlights. Turns out it was an indent from the pants I had been wearing that day. Looks like it’s time to start buying maternity clothes!

  7. Kelley says

    I am in the final weeks of being pregnant with our first (a boy) I have held my emotions together fairly well until last night when my lack of sleep and comfort caught up with me. My husband and I were playing around and I tickled him while he was washing his hanfs and he splashed me with a ton of water. I was completely drenched. I must of had to go pee because I laughed and began to pee. I went from histarically laughing to histarically full on sobbing and couldn’t figure out why because I found the whole thing so funny. For the next 30 minutes I was going from uncontrollably laughing to uncontrollably crying. I couldn’t stop. I started to heeve and couldn’t slow down. My husband called me all seven drawfs rolled into one. I think I’ve lost it.


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