Project Life: Playing Catch-Up

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the first trimester of this pregnancy was awful. Without giving the gruesome details, I wasn’t able to keep anything down for a solid 14 weeks. Yuck. During that time, I basically gave up on getting anything done that wasn’t necessary for my family’s survival and one of the big things that fell to the wayside was my memory keeping. With Baby Girl’s due date quickly approaching, its time for me to catch up and I’m showing you the step by step process of how I’m getting it done!

Project Life Playing Catch Up

Now before we delve in, I want to be completely honest and lay it out there: I’m a solid 7 months behind in my albums. I know that I need to catch up, but I’ve been so completely overwhelmed with where to start back up again that I’ve been putting it off. The steps that I’m laying out are the ones that have helped me to get motivated and get back on track.

Step One: Make Lists

I am a list maker by heart, but even if you’re not, this is honestly going to be the best way to start the catching-up process without getting too overwhelmed. Break your list up into manageable sections. I chose to separate mine by month and this will work for either way you choose to put your Project Life albums together: by event or by week.

Project Life Playing Catch Up 1

I gravitate towards organizing my albums by event so that’s how the majority of my lists are put together. I started by going through the pictures that I have on my computer from my fancier camera. I marked the name of the file (the date in my case) and what the event was that I wanted to remember. When those ones were finished, I went to the photo files on my phone and wrote down all of the events that I wanted from there. I’m lucky enough that my Droid auto backs-up all of my photos to my Google account so I’m able to easily download them from there.

Project Life Playing Catch Up 2

For those that separate your albums by week, I’d make lists either by day or by week instead of by month so your photos are easier to manage.

Step 2: Determine Orientation

There are oodles of ways that you can figure out what page protectors you’ll need. I know that I have friends who are dedicated Design A page fans and that will make the decision making of what way to print your photos a ton easier. I’m just not like that. I love the variety of all of the different layouts, the ability to blow up pictures to a larger size, and use smaller inserts for events or random pictures I want to include that don’t require the standard 12×12 page.

Project Life Playing Catch Up 3

On my list, I write down the quantity and size of the pictures that I have for each event and since I’ve already got my pictures listed in date order at this point, I can easily match up the pocket pages that I’ll need. Need a more visual way to keep track of what photos you want to place where? Marcy Penner offers a free download of pocket page designs A-G to help you get started.

Step 3: Order and Organize Photos

When you go to order and print out all of your photos, only order one list’s worth at a time. Seriously. I can’t imagine anything more overwhelming than having to sort through six to seven months worth of memories at one time. Yikes; that sounds like a ridiculous headache to me!

Project Life Playing Catch Up 4

When your photos are ready, separate them in the same way you’ve got your list broken down into individual piles and put them in order.

Step 4: Break Out the Pocket Pages and Get to Work

With your photos printed and organized, you can now get to doing what you do best: putting together your Project Life pages! Go event-by-event or week-by-week, whatever your fancy, and get your photos in those glorious plastic pocket pages. Take it one step at a time.

Project Life Playing Catch Up 5

I always follow the same process:

1. Place all photos in pocket pages.

2. Add Project Life cards to fill the pages.

3. Journal where need be.

4. Embellish the pages, if I think it needs it.

Project Life Playing Catch Up 6

{These cards are from the Jade edition.}

There you have it!

In four steps you can get yourself organized enough to begin the catching-up process. These four steps took me about a week to get through start to finish for my month of December 2013. Remember — some lists may take longer to get through than others and that’s okay! Just keep plugging away and you’ll get there eventually!

I’m no where close to being caught up still, but I’m happy to be making progress. I’m starting on getting January’s list together this week and it feels so good!

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  1. says

    I’m exited to start Project Life! I bought my binders and page protectors and have a LOT of photos, like a lifetime’s worth! haha! I just need to buy some Project Life cards to get started. Hoping to find most of them at Hobby Lobby so I can use the 40% coupons. The hardest part is choosing which kits to buy. I want almost all of them!

    • says

      I totally get the wanting to buy all of the kits Michelle — I may have a hoarding problem with mine! Good luck with your Project Life journey!

      • says

        Thanks! I’m doing books for all 4 of my boys, so I’m going to need LOTS of cards! Plus I want to do one for me and my husband’s life before the kiddos. It’s going to be a life long project I think!

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