Dining Out Made Easy at BJ’s Restaurants

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Pizza can be a tricky food to get right. Sure, there are countless options for pizza out there and while some may be okay or “just good,” it takes a lot for me to get really excited about a slice of pizza. Without fail, I know that I can rely on BJ’s Restaurants to come through for me; I mean, the Sweet Pig pizza is literally my favorite all-time in the history of ever. Just ask The Husband.

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 9

When it came time to picking a place to go for my birthday dinner, BJ’s Restaurant was my immediate choice. Here’s the thing though: dining out with kidlets or large parties can be time consuming and more stressful than its worth in the grand scheme of things. When I start to think about a celebration, long wait lines and crabby, hungry kids doesn’t sound like a fun prospect to me.

Thankfully, BJ’s Restaurant’s new app has solved that problem! Whoop!

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 3

Just like the image says above, BJ’s Restaurants new app is revolutionizing dining three different ways:

1. Dine-In Order Ahead: Place your order via the mobile app and let them know what time you’ll be coming in. As soon as you check in, your food will get started.

2. Mobile Pay: Pay for your check whenever you’re ready, completely through your phone.

3. Preferred Waitlist: Get your name on the wait list and figure out how long you’ll be waiting ahead of time via the app.

For my birthday, I decided to test out the Dine-In Order Ahead option on the app.

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 5

This is a screenshot straight from my phone of the beginning of the Dine-In Order Ahead part of the app. I loved how easy it was to navigate and how it has the key points of information right there for me to see again.

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 4

Once I entered in the date, time, and party size, it was time to start ordering our food! Everything from the menu was easily found on the app and for each meal ordered, it took me through all of the options that were possible, right down to the drink choices for the kids.

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 6

Now, this is not my final order obviously. I exited the app to check with the rest of my family on what they’d be interested in having and when I came back, I couldn’t add anything else to my order. Even after checking with the hostess at the restaurant and the manager when we arrived for our meal, I couldn’t figure out how to change it. And you know what? It was as simple as logging out of the app and logging back in again. Oops.

The management and our waiter were so awesome and helpful through it all. At no point was I made to feel stupid or dumb. There were so kind!

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 2

Even though we weren’t able to actually order using the Dine-In Order Ahead part of the app, I did use it to pay for our dinner and it was completely simple.

And before I wrap things up, I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing Pizookie. Seriously — a soft, warm cookie topped with vanilla ice cream.

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 7

Trust me and order a few. Yum!

Fast Birthday Celebration at BJs Restaurants 8

If you’d like to download the BJ’s Restaurant mobile app for yourself, you can find it for both Apple and Android devices. So tell me…who’s going to go eat a Pizookie in my honor?


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    p.s. LOVE the pazookies!! I tried to talk everyone into going there for Father’s Day, but nobody wanted to. :( Definitely going there for my birthday!

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