Breakfast Scramble with Simply Potatoes

Breakfast Scramble with Simply Potatoes at Sweet Rose Studio

I have been craving all things savory and packed with protein lately, which has been a huge departure from my typical sweet tooth. It’s actually caught both me and The Husband off guard and I’ve been searching high and low for new recipes that satisfies baby’s demands. Recently, I’ve created a new favorite breakfast recipe […]

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Let’s Party! Spring Prints

Spring Party Printable - Aqua at Sweet Rose Studio

Explanation of my absence? Check. Share a big piece of my home that The Husband and I worked hard on together? Yep. Assemble fabulous fonts to share with you? Done. I’m slowly making my way through the list of posts that I’ve had working through my head and next up is some fabulous free spring […]

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FREE Fonts!

Free Fonts

I came to a shocking realization last week when I was brainstorming ideas for posts now that I’m back in the blogging saddle again. Friends, it has been far far too long since I shared super cute free fonts. Such a travesty! Today I’m so excited to share some of my fave new fonts that I […]

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High Impact Low Cost Wall Decor

High Impact Low Cost Wall Decor at Sweet Rose Studio 5

Funny story: we hosted Thanksgiving for our families this past year which equates to 50-60 people at our home for the holiday. Because we had moved into our home less than a year before, a good majority of our extended family had never visited or seen our new abode. This freaked The Husband out big […]

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One Little Word 2014: GROW — An Update

Grow Update 1

So I figured since we’re now into March, there’s no time like the present to take a glance back at how well I’ve been doing with my One Little Word for 2014 so far (it was Grow, in case you missed it). Obviously things have been ridiculously quiet over here — I’ve heard the crickets […]

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I’ve been operating on a “Better Late Than Never” policy round these parts recently. I just can’t seem to get my rear in gear far enough in advance to be ahead of the game and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m not the only out there like that. In case you might fall into […]

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Happy Birthday Reagan!

Reagans Birthday 002 Blog

This girl. Today my baby girl turns four. It’s hard for me to realize that it was four short years ago that our little princess turned our lives upside down with her sass and spunk. Fun story: I intially went into labor at 32 weeks and both of our moms panicked and went shopping for […]

One Little Word for 2014: GROW

2014 One Little Word

I’m not sure where the idea exactly originated from or who was the genius that launched a movement, but I know of oodles of people who choose one little word each January 1 to serve as a sort of mantra for the year to come. It’s a way to focus on a positive outlook and […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2013

Back to School Traditions to Start with Your Family 1

Well, hello there! Thought I forgot about you, right? No way! I’ve really embraced the Christmas Break that my kidlets have been on and I’ve been soaking up all of the extra time I get with them. We’ve rode the Polar Express, baked cookies, visited with family and friends, and played more games of Connect […]

One Time, When I Was Pregnant… Bug Off!

One Time When I Was Pregnant Square

Ladies. I mean. I have literally been laughing so hard the past couple of days at some of the stories of hilarious hormonal meltdowns that have been left in the comments and sent to me through email. I’m so happy that we can sympathize with each other’s crazy pregnant lady stories! {If you haven’t read […]

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