Project Life for Beginners

Project Life is an amazing system of recording memories without the hassle, investment, or hours required to finish a typical scrapbook. Becky Higgins has created a revolutionary system to simplify the process of preserving your family’s history in a simple, yet stylish way that takes out all of the guesswork.

I’m putting together a series of posts designed to help someone just starting out with Project Life complete an entire album from start to finish. On this page you’ll find links to the posts I’ve written highlighting the layouts I’ve created, plus homework assignments designed to keep you moving and creating.

I hope you enjoy! {Because isn’t that what it’s really all about?}

Project Life The Beginning 2

Project Life: The Beginning

This post will walk you through the steps of setting up your first Project Life album, plus show you how to put together your first basic layout using just your core kit of choice.

Project Life 003

Project Life: Check-In

This post is merely a chance to keep motivating you to finish your homework, to answer a few logistical questions, and to share a few ideas for thinking outside of the box.

Project Life for Beginners Week Two 012

Week Two

This post continues to show how simplicity is *awesome* and how adding a bit of heart to your pages can make a world of difference.

Project Life Week Three 030

Week Three

With this post, we delve into the not-so-scary world of embellishments by utilizing letters and numbers.

Project Life Week 4 - 11

Week Four

This post is all about adding ribbon and twine in the simplest of ways to make your layouts POP!

Project Life Week Five 017

Week Five

Washi tape is the topic of the day! Who doesn’t love such an easy embellishment?

Project Life Week Six 017

Week Six

Get a peek at the brand new Honey and Midnight Editions and get back to the basics!

Project Life Week Seven 9

Week Seven

The key to easing the stress of Project Life and any memory keeping: finding your personal style and what works for YOU.

Project Life Week Eight 025

Week Eight

Digital Project Life is a great option for those who prefer digital scrapbooking, those who are short on storage space, and those who want access to new kits before you can get your hands on the physical kits.

Project Life Week Nine 6

Week Nine

Project Life Week Ten 009

Week Ten

Project Life Week Eleven 6

Week Eleven

Project Life Week Twelve 9

Week Twelve

Project Life Week Thirteen 006

Week Thirteen

Project Life Week Fourteen 010 crop

Week Fourteen

Project Life Week 15 016

Week Fifteen

Project Life All About Photos 1

All About Photos