Black & White Cookie Brownies *Plus* a Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Holiday Bites long graphic (2)

Happy Monday lovelies! I am so excited to jump start this month of December with a jam-packed blog post: a super yummy recipe for Black & White Cookie Brownies, links to 15 other amazingly delicious recipes, plus one fat giveaway! Make sure to stick around through the whole post so you don’t miss anything. Let’s […]

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Triple Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

Triple Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes at Sweet Rose Studio 1

And just like that, Halloween has passed. And with the exit of Halloween, I gladly welcome my hands-down fave holidays: Thanksgiving (hell-ooo, amazing food!) and Christmas (Happy birthday sweet baby Jesus!). I’m here to kick off the season of weight gain with a brand spankin’ new cupcake recipe that’s sure to please: Triple Chocolate Oreo […]

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40+ of the BEST Fall Recipes

40 of the BEST Fall Recipes at Sweet Rose Studio

Fall is here! Well, at least it’s here by name and since it’s in the eighties during the day in Phoenix, the seasonal transition has fully commenced in my opinion. One of the biggest perks of the fall season is the food choices that open up. I’ve partnered up with some of my blogging buddies […]

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Simple Donut Pumpkins

Simple Donut Pumpkins 1

I’ve apparently got a thing for cute Halloween treats in my system right now and can you really blame me? For some reason, I have oodles of ideas like yesterday’s Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies and today’s Simple Donut Pumpkins with many more on the horizon. My kids (and my hips) aren’t complaining so I’m going […]

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Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies

Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies 2

As much fun as I think Halloween is, I in no way shape or form celebrate with the spookier parts of the holiday. You won’t see any blood or guts or creeptastic scarecrows hidden around my home. No way! We tend to skew to the cutesier parts of Halloween and today’s treats are no exception […]

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Reese’s Chocolate Chip Brownie Bars

Reese's Chocolate Chip Brownie Bars at Sweet Rose Studio 2

Yep. I went there. And I don’t even regret it for one second. I feel like life is all about balance. Yesterday I posted a relatively healthy chef salad recipe and today I’m sharing what I made after the salad was finished: Reese’s Chocolate Chip Brownie Bars. See, I feel like I just can’t have […]

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S’mores Swirled Brownies from Craft Quickies


 I am SO stinkin’ excited for today’s post. Like, over the top excited. I’m absolutely thrilled to have Sarah here of Craft Quickies sharing the most amazing S’mores Swirled Brownies with you! *** Hello, hello, Sweet Rose Studio readers! My name is Sarah and I blog at Craft Quickies. I am BEYOND thrilled to be […]

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Tie Dye Cupcakes

Tie Dye Cupcakes at Sweet Rose Studio 2

Every now and then,I find an occasion that calls for cake. You know — birthdays, first days of school, Tuesdays. Whatever. Typically when these kind of events roll around, I happily volunteer to create the cake, but I find it difficult to make the same kind of cake, or cupcakes in this matter, twice. I’m […]

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Thin Mint Brownies

Thin Mint Brownies at Sweet Rose Studio 1

Sometimes I stumble upon on something kind of amazing; it’s like a little happy accident gifted to me by the universe. I have a little ah-ha moment and then I scramble to photograph it and share it here on this little blog of mine. I hope you don’t mind. Today’s sliver of genius are these […]

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