Baby Sister’s Nursery Inspiration

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration at Sweet Rose Studio Thumbnail

Six weeks. Six. Weeks.  With just six weeks left until I reach the magical 40 week mark in this pregnancy, I have been working like crazy to finish up all of the last details of what will be Baby Sister’s room. I’m shooting to show y’all the full reveal next week (fingers crossed!), but for […]

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Coco Chanel Prints

Coco Chanel Prints 003

I’ve had an idea for a new print to be displayed in Miss Reagan’s room for awhile now and although I already had a quote picked out, I wasn’t sold on it. As I was browsing through my Instagram feed yesterday, I stumbled across a Coco Chanel quote on a friend’s account and I *knew* […]

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A Fresh Perspective

SRS Missing Header

Happy Tuesday friend! As you may have noticed, this little ole blog is smack dab in the middle of a little makeover and in my mind, it couldn’t have come a moment sooner. I’ve had the itch to change things up for awhile, but this Friday, I had HAD it. I was done with the […]

Baby Week: Take Flight Prints

Take Flight Gray

I’ve found that sometimes taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and taking a moment to regroup can make a world of difference. Yesterday I shared my son and his current obsession with t-ball. We also spent time together creating watercolor masterpieces in our backyard, having dance parties, and spending quality time with family […]

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MORE Be Yourself Prints

Be Yourself Bold Pink and Teal Crop

Sometimes when I get excited about something, I get stuck and can’t move past it. Case in point: yesterday’s Be Yourself Prints. I love every single one of the twelve that I had already designed, but I decided that I needed to add a few more, this time in a two tone format. Today I’m […]

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Be Yourself Prints

Be Yourself Pastel Collage

So do you remember on Tuesday when I shared Reagan’s Room? Like I said in that post, I’ve decided her room needs an extra little piece of wall art. After thinking about it more the past couple of days, I’ve decided that I’d love to have her art be something inspirational, something to boost her […]

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Freebie: Spread Love Prints

Spread Love Prints 1

Now that we’ve been our new home for nearly two months, I can honestly and truly say that I love it here. Granted, it was super tough to get settled in as we were dealing with Christmas, vacations, and birthday parties and it was especially difficult when a new family moved into our old home […]

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Who Loves Free Fonts?

Free Fonts at Sweet Rose Studio

I have a routine when I get a few peaceful minutes to get on the computer: check email, social media, blogs, and the new fonts on No joke. Needless to say, I have quite the selection of free fonts I’m accumulated and I’m here to share 13 more free fonts with you! Cafe’ & […]

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12 Favorite Free Fonts

Favorite Free Fonts

My name is Katie W. and I am a font addict. No joke. If I have to spare, I’m typically searching for the latest and greatest fonts offered up for free. Today I thought I might share some of the love and help you find some of my favorite free fonts. What do you […]

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