High Impact Low Cost Wall Decor

High Impact Low Cost Wall Decor at Sweet Rose Studio 5

Funny story: we hosted Thanksgiving for our families this past year which equates to 50-60 people at our home for the holiday. Because we had moved into our home less than a year before, a good majority of our extended family had never visited or seen our new abode. This freaked The Husband out big […]

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Family Photo Flip Book

Family Photo Flip Book 18

Ever since we moved into our new home, the husband and I have been working diligently on making all parts of our home us. Our home has really good bones: great flooring, neutral wall colors, crown molding and wainscoting in various rooms throughout our home. All stuff that is fabulous, but it could be in […]

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Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke's Birthday

Today is a big day for our family. Yes, it’s tax day and thankfully we finished and submitted our taxes months ago. More importantly, today is our sweet Luke’s fifth birthday! While I have his party and some other fun projects to share later this week, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect and look […]

Baby Week: A Detour

TBall Game1 08Logo

Some days, things just don’t quite work out as you plan. I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for the last week; it’s actually the reason I started to put together this whole Baby Week on the blog. But no matter how hard I tried to make the prints work like they did in […]

The Key to Better Pictures: Lighting!


Of all the photography questions I get asked, this one is the most common: What is the key to better pictures? There are so many different answers to this question {most of which I answered in yesterday’s post}, but it really all boils down to one key factor — lighting. I’m not saying that you […]

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Favorite Photography Tips


Every parent takes pictures of their kids. Whether it be with the phone on your camera or a fancy dslr, your kids will experience more than one paparazzi moment during their life span. It’s part of that parent DNA that kicks in when your offspring makes their grand debut. I’m here today to share some […]

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Canon T3 with 18-55 Lens Giveaway!

Canon T3 Giveaway

The Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all of those who entered! *** Are you ready for AWESOME? Can you even believe that?!? I am beyond excited for one lucky reader to have the chance at owning one of these babies! I am a die-hard Canon girl and love my DSLR and I just know […]

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AZ Cardinals Training Camp

Cardinals Training Camp

The family and I did something that we *never* do: we took a compulsive trip. The Husband and I are very much planners, but when we were offered VIP tickets last minute to attend the AZ Cardinals Training Camp in Flagstaff, there was absolutely no way we were saying no. I’m giving you fair warning […]

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Vintage Rose Wraps Video Shoot With Jamie Lynn Photography

Vintage Rose Wraps Video Shoot with Jamie Lynn Photography

The times where you will catch me in front of a camera are very few and far between. I’m the kind of girl that likes to hang in the shadows and direct from my quiet place on the sidelines. When Vintage Rose Wraps put out a call for people willing to be in their Great […]

Family Photography: The S Family

Family Photography Scott Family

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting capture the true personalities of families. Family photography is one of the main reasons I decided to jump feet first into this business; there is something so wonderful about getting that family dynamic on film, err…digital files. I’m lucky that I’ve had the opportunity […]

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