Every Summer Has a Story Print

Every Summer Has a Story Print from Sweet Rose Studio 2

Without a doubt, summer has always been one of my favorite times of the year. From lazy days at the pool to bowls full of ice cream treats to celebrating my birthday, I’ve always had a soft spot for this more relaxed season. Even in the scorching Phoenix heat, there’s always a silver lining and […]

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100+ Favorite Summer Ideas

100 Summer Ideas

It’s summertime y’all and I adore all the possibilities of this season. My kidlets are out of school so I get more quality time with them (or at least that’s what I keep trying to tell myself as I break up all the fights) and the deals are everywhere right now! Myself and a fabulous […]

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Let’s Get Learning: Handwriting Pages {P-U}

Handwriting Practice P thru U Header

Another day, another set of free handwriting pages! No one’s complaining, right? Before we dig into this installment of practice pages, I did want to say that these aren’t the end-all-be-all of ways to get your kidlets to have legible handwriting. Get out and have them play, work on fine motor skills, and complete hands-on […]

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Let’s Get Learning: Handwriting Pages {K-O}

Handwriting Practice K Blog

Summer is in full swing here in our parts of the country and I’m mapping out the skills that I’m going to be working on with my kidlets over the summer to keep them challenged and ready for a fresh start in August. One of the big things I’m going to be working on with […]

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Free Printable Coloring Book Cards

Free Printable Coloring Book Cards

Sometimes, inspiration can strike when you absolutely least expect it. A couple nights back Reagan was having nightmare after nightmare and the sweet girl in my belly decided that it was party time at 4am, so I wasn’t sleeping much. While I was laying in bed, I started getting idea after idea for things that […]

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Top of the Charts Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

In My Book Youre Top of the Charts STML 3

I was lucky enough to be invited to share a fun Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea over at Skip to My Lou a couple of weeks back; I love when I get to guest post and share new ideas with new audiences! Today, I’m back here sharing that very idea just in time for Teacher Appreciation […]

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Hip to the Hop Easter Prints

Hip to the Hop Hot Pink at Sweet Rose Studio

In years past, I’ve embraced the typical pastel color scheme associated with Easter and spring with my whole heart. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever shake it, but this year I wanted a change of pace. I find myself being drawn to bright, fun, more modern color schemes right now so I wanted to […]

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Easy Way to Dress Up a Free Printable

Easy Way to Dress Up Free Printables 3

As much as I adore a good free printable, sometimes they can fall flat once they’ve been framed. When I was designing the most recent free prints I’ve offered up, I had this epiphany that some gold glitter would look fantastic when paired with the spring-y party theme. I came up with a ridiculously easy […]

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Let’s Party! Spring Prints

Spring Party Printable - Aqua at Sweet Rose Studio

Explanation of my absence? Check. Share a big piece of my home that The Husband and I worked hard on together? Yep. Assemble fabulous fonts to share with you? Done. I’m slowly making my way through the list of posts that I’ve had working through my head and next up is some fabulous free spring […]

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I’ve been operating on a “Better Late Than Never” policy round these parts recently. I just can’t seem to get my rear in gear far enough in advance to be ahead of the game and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’m not the only out there like that. In case you might fall into […]

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