Ombre Easter Egg Pallet Art

Ombre Easter Egg Pallet Art 024

Sometimes I struggle with an idea; I fight and wrestle to come up with something that I think you might enjoy or benefit from. Sometimes, inspiration smacks me in the face and I wonder why I haven’t started putting together the next masterpiece already. This Ombre Easter Egg Pallet Art was of the latter category. […]

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Wood Pallet Art: Grateful Heart

Wood Pallet Art at Sweet Rose Studio

Happy {almost} New Year lovelies! When I opened my little Etsy shop a couple of months ago, I received a request for a custom piece of wood pallet art. My customer wanted the following phrase on her art: Begin each day with a Grateful Heart. For some reason, this quote has really stuck with me […]

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Love Story Pallet Art on Etsy!

Sweet Rose Studio

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect for the Love Story Pallet Art I created last year as a wedding/Christmas gift for my BFF did I expect for it to receive as much traffic, questions, or love as it did. I would have taken better pictures had I known what was coming! Since […]

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