What To Wear

I frequently get asked for suggestions about what to wear for your sessions. My most common answer is wear what you are comfortable in! If you aren’t comfortable, that will reflect in your pictures. Also, think about the mood or feeling you’d like your pictures to convey and have your clothing match that. It doesn’t usually make sense to wear jeans and a t-shirt for a romantic, more formal type shoot and vice versa. My last big tip (and this probably goes completely against what you were brought up thinking) is don’t be matchy-matchy with your clothing. It is okay to have color variations, pattern variations, and lots of texture! It actually is a more visually-interesting photo that way!

I’m posting some ideas for outfit combinations and coordination below. Please don’t feel like you need to rush out and duplicate these outfits! Please use them as guidance and inspiration for what will suit your style of pictures best. Click on the individual picture to make it larger; it’ll be easier to see that way!

I also have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to What To Wear to a photo shoot!