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Sweet Rose Studio is a blog all about art and drawing tutorials. Our team of passionate artists loves sharing their knowledge and creativity with you. Come join us in this wonderful place where art and passion come together.

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How To Draw

how to draw a carnation

How to Draw a Carnation

how to draw a petunia

How To Draw a Petunia

how to draw a morning glory

How to Draw a Morning Glory

how to draw a marigold

How to Draw a Marigold

how to draw forget me nots

How to Draw Forget Me Nots

how to draw a dahlia

How to Draw a Dahlia

Meet our team

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Stephanie Kim

Kim’s journey as an artist has taken her to the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she delved into the rich history of art and acquired valuable knowledge and experience in various artistic disciplines

N. Kiet

An architecture student with a remarkable talent for drawing. For him, the art of creating intricate and detailed pieces lies at the heart of his creative journey. Every stroke, every line he draws is a step towards capturing the true beauty and essence of what he sees

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