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Freebie: Halloween Party Printables!

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One of my favorite sets of party printables that I’ve created is my Favorite Things set. It’s graphic, it’s pink, it’s celebrating everybody’s favorite things.

I got to thinking the other day as I was brainstorming Halloween decor for my home that the Favorite Things would be awesome transformed into, “These are a few of the Spookiest Things…” Amazing, right? I present to you my set of Halloween Party Printables: Spookiest Things!

Spookiest Things Welcome Sign

Of course, these are going to be available to download for FREE as always. Let’s just make sure to keep them for personal use only and don’t try to sell them. Deal?

Spookiest Things Fancy Labels

I’ll be back a little bit later with an idea for these fancy labels that you probably wouldn’t normally think of to use these bad boys. Think sticker paper and Lifestyle Crafts die-cuts… 😉

Spookiest Things Cupcake Toppers

Big thanks to Sprik Space for the generous use of her Pattern Pieces! If you’ve never checked out all of her awesome freebies, you totally should!

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