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How to Draw a Calla Lily

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The Calla Lily, also known as Zantedeschia, has long captivated artists with its striking trumpet-shaped blossom and slender, curving spathe.

How to draw a calla lily then? Today, we’ll capture this striking and elegant appearance on paper using simple strokes and blending tones.But first, it’s essential that you observe this symbol of purity through photos or our reference pictures before sketching.

Notice its parts (including spadix, spathe, stem, and leaves) and their proportion clearly is the key to the most natural-looking artwork. Besides, while calla lilies can also be found in shades of yellow, pink, and even purple, we’ll showcase its most common hue – white.

So prepare the best and get ready to unlock the beauty of calla lily with our step-by-step tutorial below!

How to Draw a Calla Lily Flower – Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: For a suitable proportion, start with the flower head at the top part of your canvas. Draw the first curved line for the top of the spathe. It’s quite smooth on the left side, pointy on tip, and erratic on the right side (as shown in the picture).

Step 2: Extend the line slightly downward. Then draw an extra curved line inside the first shape (along its right edge) to represent the fold.

Step 3: Draw the spadix using a thin inverted U-shape, pointing upwards.

draw a calla lily step 3

Step 4: Sketch a bigger U shape to create the lower part of the spathe. You’ve already done the first sketch.

draw a calla lily step 4

Step 5: Now, moving to the next one, with a different position. Here we sketch a heart shape for the second calla lily.

draw a calla lily step 5

Step 6: From the top end of the line, draw a slightly curved line that loops back on itself, forming the opening of the spathe.

draw a calla lily step 6

Step 7: Inside this opening, draw a long, thin shape representing the spadix. It should lean a bit to the left to create a natural look.

draw a calla lily step 7

Step 8: Add a thin U-shape at the bottom to finish the look of this calla lily.

draw a calla lily step 8

Step 9: Next up, let’s sketch another important part of this flower – its leaf. We’ll begin with the one that emerges directly from the ground.

Draw a long, slightly curved line moving upwards to outline the position when the leaf folds. From the top end of the line, draw a curved shape on one side to form the outline of the leaf.

draw a calla lily step 9

Step 10: Extend the fold line upwards then draw the next line mirroring the curve of the first side to form the other side of the leaf.

draw a calla lily step 10

Step 11: For the second leaf, start with a long line for its central vein. On its two sides, draw curved lines to form a complete outline.

draw a calla lily step 11

Step 12: Let’s connect all the parts with long, slender stems, extending from the bottom of the second leaf and two flower heads to the end of the first leaf.

draw a calla lily step 12

Step 13: It’s time to add details to make the drawing more vibrant.

Since calla lilies often have subtle veining on the surface of the spathe, add these veins by drawing thin, irregular lines that branch out from its center and extend towards the edges.

For the leaves, you can enhance its realism by sketching thin, branching lines that extend from the central vein.

draw a calla lily step 13

Well, you’ve just managed a pencil sketch for the calla lily drawing. Let’s move to the final part, which is all about coloring and shading.

Step 14: Begin coloring the spathe, using a light and subtle color base for it.

draw a calla lily step 14

Step 15: Add shading and highlights to the spathe to create depth and dimension. Particularly, darken the inner areas or those tucked beneath the folds of the spathe, and leave the areas where the light hits or reflects lighter.

draw a calla lily step 15

Step 16: Next, color the spadix yellow.

draw a calla lily step 16

Step 17: Choose a green hue for the stems and foliage. As usual, apply a flat base first. For the visible bottom side of the leaf, choose a darker tone to create a realistic effect.

draw a calla lily step 17

Step 18: Finally, use light strokes to add highlights to the leaves and make any assessment if needed.

draw a calla lily step 18

Instructional Video

Final Step

We have completed the calla lily drawing, capturing its elegance and purity. But this is just the beginning. Are you wondering how to take the drawing to new heights?

Well, one perfect way is to add a background. You might choose simple options like a contrasting color wash(as in our image below) or challenge yourself with more complicated ones such as a garden setting or intricate patterns.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to play with colors. Whether you opt for a monochromatic approach or embrace the vividness of color, each stroke of your pencil or brush will add charm to your masterpiece.

Last but not least, it’s all about sharing. Whether it’s the calla lily drawing we’ve just finished or your modified version incorporating new backgrounds and details, share it with everyone. We hope to see your artwork too!

how to draw a calla lily final

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