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How to Draw a Dandelion

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The dandelion is a common weed, but it is also a beautiful and resilient flower.

While its unmistakable yellow flower head is a charming and inspiring source of art, there’s another enchantment lying in the mature flower – when it transforms into a cloud of delicate, feathery seed heads. This is what we aim to sketch today.

So how to draw a dandelion? In this tutorial, we’ll start by showing you a primary sketch of the dandelions (picture below), and then we will move on to adding details, such as the flower heads, the leaves, and the stem. We will also discuss how to add shading to the flower to give it the most natural look.

By the end of this tutorial, you’re free to extend your drawing to elevate your skills and create a stunning masterpiece that you desire. So let’s get started!

draw a dandelion step sketch

How to Draw a Dandelion Flower – Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Begin with the first dandelion on the top part of your canvas. Draw a small shape to represent the receptacle (as shown in the picture below).

draw a dandelion step 1

Step 2: Below this shape, use pointy curved lines heading downwards to create three bracts.

draw a dandelion step 2

Step 3: Draw slightly curved lines vertically for the stem.

draw a dandelion step 3

Step 4: Now, move to the dandelion puff. Use an erratic line to draw a circle with the center is the receptacle.

draw a dandelion step 4

Step 5: Inside this circle, add short single lines and pointy shapes to mimic the texture

draw a dandelion step 5

Step 6: Have you nailed the first dandelion? Then move to drawing two more of them, one at each side of the first one, using the same guide. Vary the length of each stem for a vibrant look.

Additional note: All the stems and foliage in this drawing grow at the same root.

draw a dandelion step 6

Step 7: In this step, use a curved line slanting upwards and inwards for the central vein of the leaf.

draw a dandelion step 7

Step 8: Dandelion leaves are usually unevenly spaced and have irregular shapes. Use the previous line as an axis of symmetry. Draw the edges for both sides of the leaf, making them pointy or rounded as desired. Pay attention to the reference image or an actual dandelion leaf for guidance.

draw a dandelion step 8

Step 9: Similarly, add additional veins for the next leaves. Vary their length and curve level as well.

draw a dandelion step 9

Step 10: Draw the rest of these leaves to complete the look.

draw a dandelion step 10

Step 11: As we’ve stated earlier, a dandelion puff is a cluster of individual seeds. Use these beautiful elements to make your drawing mỏe alluring.

To draw a dandelion seed, start with a small elongated oval. Then extend a short, thin line outward from the top of the oval to represent the strand. At the end of the line, sketch a bunch of short lines, radiating in any direction to create fluff.

Use this structure to draw several seeds, scattering yet floating in a specific direction.

draw a dandelion step 11

Step 12: You’ve just finished the pencil sketch. Now choose a green base for the stems and the left half parts of the leaves. Here we assume the light source is from the top right.

draw a dandelion step 12

Step 13: For the other halves of the leaves and the right edge of each stem, apply a brighter green base.

draw a dandelion step 13

Step 14: Next, color the bracts and receptacles. Use light shades of green and brown, respectively.

Note: The bract parts that are covered by the dandelion puff should be colored a bit lightly.

draw a dandelion step 14

Step 15: The final step is here. Use a light blue for each puff.

You might wonder why it is blue as they appear to be white in nature. Actually, anything in white will be affected by colors from the background or things nearby. Since we tend to put these flowers in a blue sky background, they’ll appear to be a bit blue as well.

draw a dandelion step 15

Final Step

That’s all for the dandelion tutorial. But it’s not the end for your dandelion drawing, right? By mastering detailed steps above, you’ve found the basic strokes and coloring techniques to sketch many dandelions further.

Try incorporating a background so that the flowers don’t appear too lonely. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A blue sky, green grass, or a gradient background is just enough to bring dandelion puffs to the next level.

What coloring materials do you have? If you’ve already used crayons for this drawing, try colored pencils or watercolor tubes for the next time. We bet each toolbox will give you a specific experience and result.

The more you practice, the better your drawings will become!

how to draw a dandelion final

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