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How to Draw a Jasmine Flower

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how to draw a jasmine flower

Jasmine is well-known for its sweet and enchanting fragrance. This flower has many different kinds, each with its own special look. Among them, we’ve chosen to draw the double-flower Arabian jasmine.

Imagine a flower with lots of layers of petals, like a soft and fragrant puffball. Drawing this flower lets us capture its beautiful layers and how light shines on them, making it look even more amazing.

To draw the double-flower Arabian Jasmine nicely, there are some important things to pay attention to. The petals are like soft curves, and they have different layers that fit together like a puzzle. Observe the arrangement of these petals and how they overlap each other to create a fuller and more complex flower shape.

Take note of any petals that may be opening, partially opened, or fully opened. In this tutorial on how to draw jasmine, we’ll depict the flower’s different stages of bloom to add visual interest to your drawing.

Are you ready to draw and capture the magic of the jasmine? Let’s dive in!

How to Draw a Jasmine Flower – Step by Step Tutorial

To make the process much easier, we’ve provided you a sketch of the Abrian jasmine. Let’s take this sketch as a guide for the following steps and details you’ll draw.

It’s essential to notice which parts of the jasmine will be drawn as well as their overall shapes and proportions.

draw a jasmine flower step 0

Step 1: From the sketch, let’s draw the first lines to form the center of the biggest flower head in this drawing.

draw a jasmine flower step 1

Step 2: Around the center, draw the first layer of petals. These petals should be larger and partially overlap the center. Imagine them like the petals of a regular flower.

draw a jasmine flower step 2

Step 3: Now, draw another layer of petals around the first one. Make some of the petals partially hidden to create a realistic look.

In each petal, draw an extra curved line along one side of its edge to represent the fold.

draw a jasmine flower step 3

Step 4: Continue by drawing more layers of petals. These petals should be positioned between the petals of the previous layer. By doing this, you’re creating a fuller look for the jasmine and adding a sense of depth and volume to your drawing.

Plus, remember to vary the shapes and angles of these petals for a more natural look. Some petals can be more rounded, while others might be elongated or have wavy edges.

draw a jasmine flower step 4

Step 5: Well you’ve just mastered the way to draw a full bloom jasmine. Keep all the steps in mind since we’re moving to the next jasmine, which is smaller than the first one.

Similarly, start with the center part and the first layers. Notice that this bloom is pictured in a different side view so refer to our picture for a quick adjustment of the petals’ direction.

draw a jasmine flower step 5

Step 6: Enhance the layered structure of jasmine by drawing the next larger layers. This bloom is partially hidden by the previous one, requiring you to identify visible parts of the petals.

draw a jasmine flower step 6

Step 7: Have you nailed the blooms? Then let’s move on to the buds. As mentioned, drawing jasmines in different blooming stages will create a more vibrant look. Here we have three of them but feel free to add several more based on your preference.

To begin, draw different oval shapes to form a basic outline.

Additional notice: These shapes are sketched based on the size, position, and direction of your jasmine buds.

draw a jasmine flower step 7

Step 8: Next, draw a petal inside each oval shape.

draw a jasmine flower step 8

Step 9: From the top of this petal, draw a few small, pointed shapes extending upward. These will represent the developing petals of the bud. You can draw them in a slightly curved manner to suggest the way the petals are folded.

draw a jasmine flower step 9

Step 10: At the base of the oval, draw a couple of lines facing downward to represent the pedicel. Then draw some small pointed shapes extending outwards from these pedicels to mimic the sepals.

draw a jasmine flower step 10

Step 11: After finishing the buds, it’s time for the last part of this jasmine drawing – the leaves.

Start by drawing two to three leaves positioned under the jasmine flowers. These leaves can be elongated ovals with pointed ends. Vary their size and shape a bit for a better effect (but make sure they are proportional to the size of the flower).

Next, draw a central vein running down the middle of each leaf. Then, draw smaller veins branching out from the central one to the edges to add texture and detail.

draw a jasmine flower step 11

Step 12: Once you’ve mastered all parts of this jasmine, review your drawing and make any necessary adjustments. Refine the shapes and lines, then erase any redundant parts to ensure the best sketch before jumping to the next stage of coloring.

draw a jasmine flower step 12

Step 13: The color of the double-flowered Arabian Jasmine remains the same as the single-flowered type, typically white or creamy in color. But it may appear even more lush and vibrant due to the increased number of petals.

Firstly, you need to apply a flat creamy color to the blooms and buds.

draw a jasmine flower step 13

Step 14: To add depth and texture, add a bit darker tone of the same hue to areas where the petals overlap or curve away from the light source.

draw a jasmine flower step 14

Step 15: Similarly, color the leaves with a base coat of green. Also, choose another green tone for the pedicels and sepals.

draw a jasmine flower step 15

Step 16: Then use a lighter green to highlight the leaves.

Finally, review your coloring and shading. You’ve just got an alluring jasmine drawing that’s sure to “wow” anyone.

draw a jasmine flower step 16


Congratulations on finishing this tutorial on how to draw jasmine! While you’re celebrating this artistic achievement, you might explore the further exciting ways to enhance your drawing.

If you’re clueless, just take a look at our picture below for a simple example of adding a background. You might do the same or go with a more creative and complicated one like adding a sky or a patterned backdrop. The choice is always yours.

Though we’ve tried to introduce to you different angles of jasmine blooms and buds, there are still many more awaiting you. This is not only for making your drawing more vibrant but it’s also a perfect way to leverage your artistic skills.

Or else, try infusing your drawing with life by including extra elements such as insects, raindrops, or other blooms to add a touch of vitality.

We hope these ideas inspire you to create your own beautiful jasmine centerpiece!

how to draw a jasmine flower final

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