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How to Draw Forget Me Nots

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how to draw forget me nots

Forget-me-nots (scientifically known as Myosotis) are small, delicate flowers that are often associated with cherished memories and enduring relationships.

With their delicate, five-petaled flowers and gentle color palette (typically shades of blue, pink, white, or purple), forget-me-nots possess a timeless and ethereal beauty. They also have a special center, like a bright eye, and leaves that are soft and fuzzy.

Forget-me-nots are relatively easy to draw. So worry not if you’re a beginner. Plus, in this tutorial on how to draw forget-me-nots, we break down the process into detailed steps to ensure that you understand and follow them easily.

Now, armed with your pencil, paper, and pencil colors too (or any medium you prefer), you’re ready to capture the grace and enchantment of this flower. So, let’s begin this creative journey together and make something beautiful that will remind us of the simple, delicate joys of nature.

How to Draw Forget Me Nots Flower – Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: Unlike many drawing tutorials (such as the peony or daisy) which we draw the flower head first, this one of forget me nots starts with a sketch of stem and branches.

Notice that this flower exhibits a branching pattern that gives rise to clusters of flowers. The branches are relatively short and may emerge from different points along the main stem.

Refer to our image and sketch a slightly curved vertical line for the stem. From this part, draw several smaller curved lines branching out in different directions to mimic the branches.

Add a few more branches, varying in length and direction (representing the natural, slightly wild growth pattern of forget-me-nots).

draw forget me nots step 1

Step 2: Next, we’ll sketch the first flowers on the branches. Since forget-me-nots have a distinct five-petaled shape, start drawing five gently curved lines outward. to form the petals. Make sure the petals are not perfectly identical and symmetrical, as this adds to the natural look of the flower.

draw forget me nots step 2

Step 3: Use the same guide to draw some more flowers. Remember to vary their size and shapes for a vibrant look. Also notice that some petals are partially or totally hidden, creating a better effect for your drawing.

To complete each flower sketch, draw a small serrated circular or oval shape at the center of each flower to represent the “eye” or “throat”.

draw forget me nots step 3

Step 4: Similarly, add more flowers to cover the branches’ tips or until you feel enough.

draw forget me nots step 4

Step 5: In this step, you need to make the stem and branches clear based on the lines you’ve sketched before. It’s essential to identify the main stem and vary your strokes to make each branch a bit different yet still slender.

draw forget me nots step 5

Step 6: Now is the time for the last part – the leaves. Forget-me-not’s leaves are alternately arranged along the stem, with one leaf emerging from one side and the next leaf emerging from the opposite side. Plus, they are typically lance-shaped or ovate, with a slightly pointed tip.

draw forget me nots step 6

Step 7: Well, we bet you’ve got a perfect sketch of the forget me nots. Let’s finish this drawing with elegant colors that this flower possesses.

As we’ve mentioned, forget me nots comes in different colors such as white, blue, or purple. While blue is the most popular (we also apply it to our drawing), feel free to pick your favorite or go with a combination for a creative touch.

Once you’ve picked a color, follow our guide for a simple way to apply it to your drawing.

Firstly, color a flat base of that tone to all the petals.

draw forget me nots step 7

Step 8: Next, layer a slightly darker shade over the base color on the petals. Focus on the areas where shadows would naturally occur, such as the flower’s center or areas beneath the overlapping petals.

draw forget me nots step 8

Step 9: Then use a white colored pencil to gently apply highlights on the outer edges of the petals and along the raised areas.

draw forget me nots step 9

Step 10: For the central “eye” or “throat”, apply a yellow color first for a realistic look.

draw forget me nots step 10

Step 11: Then add a touch of white to create a highlight effect and add dimension to this drawing.

draw forget me nots step 11

Step 12: To color the stems and branches, choose dark green hue. Apply the color with delicate strokes, allowing some of the paper to show through for a natural look.

draw forget me nots step 12

Step 13: For the leaves, select a light green color and apply it gently to the leaves’ surfaces.

draw forget me nots step 13

Step 14: Finally, use a darker green to shade the leaves. Lightly blend it with the base color for a smooth look.

draw forget me nots step 14

Instructional Video


You deserve the best compliments for completing this delicate drawing of forget me nots.

We hope you understand the necessity of having a light sketch of the object before coming to details as well as the coloring and shading techniques to make your drawing more charming and natural-looking. This is not only applied for this forget me nots drawing but also for many other flowers that you tend to draw.

While this tutorial on how to draw forget me nots has provided you a foundation, there are countless ways you can enhance your artwork.
If you want to evoke new emotions and moods, try unexpected color choices for this flower. Fiery red, mystical purple, and gradient blend are just some hints to help you create an imaginative rendition.

Do you know the magic of background? Whether you choose to add a solid background or a dreamy sky, it’ll elevate the visual impact of your forget-me-nots in a flash.

As long as you have time and excitement, there’re endless way for you to turn a simple drawing into an extraordinary masterpiece.

how to draw forget me nots final

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